ConfigMgr2012 PowerShell Module v1 Released!!!

Today I’d like to announce the v1 release of my own custom PowerShell Module for use with ConfigMgr 2012 R2.  This module was developed over the course of the last year (as I’ve had time) to address some shortcomings in earlier versions of the ConfigMgr PowerShell Cmdlets.  Namely bugs when creating Script-Based Deployment Types.  In addition, I recently demo’d the functionality of this module at the Central Texas Systems Management User Group.


  • Credits
  • Download the Module
  • Module Functions


I have to give credit to a few people for some of the functions in this module.  Some of the functions were pulled from other existing modules or derived from blog posts and organized into this module to cut down on the references I needed to have.


Download Now

I’ve created a new project in CodePlex to host the installer, source code, documentation etc.  Please head on over to to download the module.  If you’d like to contribute, you may contact me at dustinhedges AT outlook DOT com or sent me a message on the blog.


Module Functions

This release of the module contains 20 functions.  All of these functions have been tested on Configuration Manager 2012 R2.  My testing was limited to specific functionality so there may be bugs.  Please submit any feedback or issues via Codeplex.

  • Add-SCCMDependencyGroup
  • Add-SCCMDeploymentType
  • Add-SCCMEnhancedDetectionMethod
  • Add-SCCMRequirementRule
  • Copy-SCCMDependencyGroup
  • Copy-SCCMRequirementRule
  • Get-SCCMApplication
  • Get-SCCMApplicationObject
  • Get-SCCMAuthoringScopeID
  • Get-SCCMDeployment
  • Get-SCCMGlobalCondition
  • Import-SCCMAssemblies
  • New-SCCMApplication
  • New-SCCMApplicationObject
  • New-SCCMDeploymentType
  • New-SCCMDeploymentTypeReturnCode
  • New-SCCMEnhancedDetectionMethod
  • New-SCCMGlobalConditionsRule
  • Save-SCCMApplication
  • Save-SCCMApplicationObject



Author: dhedges

I'm a Senior Client Systems Engineer specializing in OS Deployments and Automation using VBScript, PowerShell, MDT and SCCM. I enjoy working with technology and bending it to my will.

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