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I wanted to drop a quick note on here to everyone who continues to visit my blog.  I’ve been absent for the past nine months or so from the blogging scene due to an insanely busy life in and out of work.

In November my wife and I welcomed our second child (little girl) into the world and we recently just moved into our 4th home.  On top of that, my company underwent an extremely significant change that required a good majority of my time for the past 7 months.

With that said, things have finally calmed down enough to where I can start investing time into developing new solutions, and sharing my experiences with you all.  With this renewed focus on new technology and solutions, I felt it was also a good time for a new look for the blog.  It’s not a radical change but I think it gets the job done.

I am preparing a blog post for a new ConfigMgr Right Click Tool I recently developed so look out for it and more content in the coming weeks!

Yours Truly,



Author: dhedges

I'm a Senior Client Systems Engineer specializing in OS Deployments and Automation using VBScript, PowerShell, MDT and SCCM. I enjoy working with technology and bending it to my will.

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