ConfigMgr Updates and Servicing Download Issues

I recently rebuilt my lab environment using Johan Arwidmark’s excellent Hydration Kit.  As part of this lab environment, I also setup a Virtual Router using Johan’s other guide

If you haven’t considered using Johan’s hydration kit or virtual router setup, you should.  They are quick and easy (and repeatable).

I rebuilt the lab environment to test the new CM1606 upgrade in an environment setup more closely to my production environment.  After building the Domain Controller, Primary Site server and a couple clients to test with, it was time to start setting up all the necessary roles (Software Updates, Service Connection Point, etc.) and verify everything was working before testing the new CM1606 upgrade.


After verifying that the basics were working, it was time to upgrade to CM1602 and then 1606 using the nice new In-Console Updates and Servicing Node.  I checked the node, and it still said downloading.  I waited a day, restarted SMS_EXECUTIVE service, even rebuilt the entire lab using new media.

I checked the dmpdownloader.log and saw the error:

ERROR: Failed to call IsFileTrusted


I found another post with this same error but I the suggested fixes didn’t help me any.  I even tried the registry fix in the Release Notes.  Nothing.

Checking the EasySetupPayload directory I could see that the update files were actually downloaded.


Checking the corresponding directory… rats. Empty.




After a series of trial and error (and a bit of cursing), I stumbled across a solution to my problem.

As part of the Virtual Router setup and overall lab configuration, I configured an Internal Hyper-V network for all my lab VM’s to run on.  The Virtual Router was configured with two VM’s and setup in a NAT configuration so the LAB VM’s could get out to the internet.

Here’s the issue (kind of).  On my ConfigMgr Site Server, it was only connected to the Internal Hyper-V Network.  So I decided to bypass the Virtual Router and add a second External (CORP) Network Adapter to the ConfigMgr Primary Site Server.


After booting the VM back up, ConfigMgr was able to successfully download and extract the updates and I was able to proceed with the upgrade.


So if you are using a Virtual Router for your ConfigMgr lab, make sure you give your Site Server direct access to the internet instead of routing it thru a Virtual NAT router.


Author: dhedges

I'm a Senior Client Systems Engineer specializing in OS Deployments and Automation using VBScript, PowerShell, MDT and SCCM. I enjoy working with technology and bending it to my will.

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